CAEP Success Story Showcase

The California Adult Education Program (CAEP) is having positive impacts in the lives of adult learners throughout the state, helping individuals meet life-changing personal and career goals while supporting California’s economy by giving them the academic, language and career skills they need to advance into new jobs, new positions or higher levels of education. This showcase highlights innovative practices in place on a regional level to expand and improve adult education in our state, as well as stories of personal triumph that illustrate the powerful impact of CAEP-funded adult education.

Student Success Stories

Student success stories tell the story of the determination and perseverance found among California’s adult learners, many who have had to overcome significant obstacles to achieve their personal and professional goals. Adult education, delivered through strategic, collaborative partnerships, helped to remove for them the barriers that stood in the way of advancing to a higher wage, a better job, higher education or greater independence through life skills.

Practices with Promise

A Practice with Promise is a written story or a video submission about an effective practice, and how a program positively changed adult education to better serve the educational needs of adults via regional collaboration in the following ways: integration and student transitions; accelerating students to reach educational or career goals; collaborative and coordinated professional development and leveraging of resources.

Successful Practices
Effective practices with positive impact on adult education

Emerging Practices
In the early stages but on their way to showing promise

Employer Success Stories

Employers are critical partners in adult education, contributing to the effort in a number of ways. Here, we shine a light on employers who have partnered with regional consortia or their individual members to support career training or to implement workplace solutions that address a need among employees.