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Submitted By: Diane Batista, Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium

CAERC launches Regional Asset and Pathways website

The Challenge

The Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC) is comprised of 14 members and 24 partners and expands across multiple counties: Sacramento, Yolo, El Dorado and Amador. During Assembly Bill 86 planning, members voted unanimously to implement the top five regional strategies: (1) expand adult education course offerings; (2) develop regional asset and pathways roadmap; (3) align courses and streamline pathways; (4) provide professional development; and (5) analyze regional labor market and needs to align implementation and expansion. With a consortium that is geographically vast and expanding, a strategic outreach plan was needed to ensure adult learners know about the programs available and educational pathways to support learner success.

The Solution

The CAERC Regional Asset Map and Pathways website promotes outreach, communication, alignment, collaboration and efficiency of services in the region. The website was developed in two phases. In phase one, the regional asset map identified the adult basic education (ABE), adult secondary education (ASE), and English as a second language (ESL) classes offered by CAERC members and partners across the region. Phase two expanded the search capabilities of the site to connect learners to a career exploration tool, job skills programs, and career technical education (CTE) programs. The goal was to capitalize on technology and the digital age to increase access to programs and information, a strategy that also promotes consortium-wide collaboration and fosters a shared online presence in the community.


Phase two of the CAERC Regional Asset Map and Pathways website went live on June 30, 2017. The site uses a mobile responsive platform and features Google Maps and its route-planning capabilities for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transport. As of July 2017, visitors to the site can find 107 classes, 40 job skills programs and 80 CTE programs.

The Data

During the initial planning phase, CAERC held a focus group involving adult learners from ASE and ESL classes. The goal was to gather information to refine the website specifications. It was clearly evident from the positive responses that the website would be a beneficial outreach tool and improve community access to adult education programs and services. The students also confirmed the importance of a mobile-responsive platform, user-friendly navigation, limited text and simplified directions and effective use of visual icons and graphics.

Supporting Information

Capital Regional Asset and Pathways Website

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