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Submitted By: KaRyn Holder-Jackson, ACCEL San Mateo County

Consortium members partner to launch early childhood education certification

The Challenge

Surveys of students within the ACCEL of San Mateo County consortium consistently indicated a demand for training and employment in early childhood education. Consortium members needed to find a way to work together to fulfill the community’s needs.

The Solution

Toward that end, consortium partners La Costa Adult School and Cañada College have developed and are presently implementing a new career pathway, Early Childhood Education Certificate. This program is hosted by La Costa Adult School’s community partner Puente de la Costa Sur in Pescadero. This pathway was created to address the challenge faced by second-language learners and as a part of the One Childhood, Two Languages learning community.

The Early Childhood Education Certificate consists of a total of 24 core credits, which can be completed in as little as one academic year of full-time study. Each of the eight required courses earn students three credits. The courses are: Child Development (ECE 201); Early Childhood Education Principles (ECE 210); Early Childhood Education Curriculum (ECE 211); Child, Family, and Community (ECE 212); Teaching in a Diverse Society (ECE 254); Health & Safety for Young Children (ECE 313); Observation & Assessment of Young Children (ECE 333) and Practicum in Early Childhood Education (ECE 366).

Upon completion of the certificate, graduates will have met minimum state qualifications for employment in the field of education in roles that include special education assistant, kindergarten teacher assistant, preschool assistant, recreation or playground assistant and family childcare provider. Graduates also will have the opportunity to further build upon their certificate coursework to earn an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education or an Associate of Arts Degree in Elementary Teacher Education from Cañada College. These two-year degrees are transferrable to four-year degree programs.

Cañada College’s Early Childhood Education/Child Development Program is proud to offer a robust curriculum to prospective childhood development professionals, and a dedicated retention specialist is available to support students with course selection, career goals and state permit applications. In addition, internships and employment opportunities, several of which require a minimum of only six completed credit, are promoted twice a semester at the Internship Fair and Career Fair hosted at Cañada College. As the fall 2017 cohort of 26 students progresses through the pathway, La Costa Adult School will continue to identify potential employers and community partners to further enhance students’ educational path and personal and professional success.


No outcomes are available to report at this time, as the program launched in fall 2017.

The Data

No data are available at this time.

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