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Submitted By: Lynell Wiggins, Compton College

Guided Pathways Adult Education Counselor

The Challenge

Compton College offers inconsistent transition and support services to adult school students within the Tri City Adult Education Consortium. Representation at the college from the adult schools wasn't even quantitatively significant enough to show up in the data at the college. In addition, Compton College only offered two sequences of English as a Second Language noncredit courses (ESL 2A-2D and ESL 3A-3D) and no noncredit career technical education pathways.

The Solution

As the college considered its multi-faceted guided pathways transformation, the President/CEO, Dr. Keith Curry made a recommendation that a full-time tenured track guided pathways counselor be hired to assist with support services and transitioning to the college from Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount Adult Schools. In addition, the college committed significant resources to building the infrastructure for a beginning CTE pathway with beyond living wage potential at each of the adult schools. The counselor will spend time at each institution, collaborate with the Compton College job placement specialist to offer employment preparation workshops and job search assistance, as well as coordinate an annual Compton College adult ed campus tour


Each of the three adult schools will be offering a CTE pathway in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Welding, and Cosmetology, in Compton, Lynwood, and Paramount Adult Schools, respectively. Having begun our program offering in Spring 2019 at Paramount Adult School, transition numbers have already increased beyond previous years. Expectations are high at each of our other two institutions. The adult education counselor position will be made available in Fall 2019.

The Data

An actual tenure track guided pathways counselor position has been developed through a job description for adult education. Also, we can show through our actual student enrollment that former adult education students have earned college credit, where as in the past we didn't have a clearly defined indicator for this population.

Supporting Information

http://www.compton.edu/academics/docs/Compton_2019-2020_Catalog.pdf (p.209-211)

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