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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: David Norton, Copper Mountain Community College District

Relationship-building effort opens door to meaningful collaboration, new school

The Challenge

It was a challenge for Copper Mountain College and Morongo Unified School District, the only college and school district within the Morongo Basin Adult Education Block Grant Consortium region, to keep up with each other’s programs and other developments. The consortium members knew that effective collaboration to bring about improvement in adult education within the region would require that they better understand each other’s role within the community.

The Solution

To address the issue, the college and the school district arranged school tours for Copper Mountain College faculty, staff and management on a day when the college campus was closed (All-Staff Day). Morongo Unified School District provided transportation to the host schools, and the college participants were divided into four groups, with two groups visiting two different high schools and elementary schools, another group visiting a junior high school and elementary school and the final group visiting the continuation high school and a middle school.

Morongo USD management served as guides for the college participants, who visited a wide variety of classrooms and saw first-hand state-of-the-art classrooms, the various programs the school district offered and the technology being used throughout the school district. The participants had the opportunity to observe as elementary teachers worked with students, and they had a chance to visit a range of career and technical education programs, including cybersecurity, culinary and engineering.


College-wide participation in the Morongo Unified School District school tours served to renew the college’s partnership with the school district and helped facilitate discussions about adult education programming, specifically around career and technical education. The two entities came up with a plan to reopen a continuation school that Morongo USD had closed a few years prior. In January 2017, the two districts launched AC2E-East, the Academy of College and Career Excellence. Currently, Copper Mountain College is offering adult education classes during the day, but eventually both districts will utilize the academy.

This arrangement allows for shared facilities and equipment, and the high school courses articulate to Copper Mountain College, creating a seamless pathway for students who want to continue the same program at the college.

The Data

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