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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: JoDee Slyter, ABOUT STUDENTS Regional Consortium

Launch event helps inform region about digital badging initiative

The Challenge

The ABout Students Regional Consortium for Adult Education in Riverside developed a Digital Badging Initiative to help students seamlessly transition to postsecondary education and the workforce and as a means for students to demonstrate their achievements and educational accomplishments through a digital portfolio.

After more than a year of planning, developing the digital backpack platform and designing criteria for badges, consortium members were ready to share the information with staff, faculty and the community. Without the support of the community and consortium members, the Digital Badging Initiative could not be shared and utilized effectively by students. Therefore, the challenge was to "ignite" the region and share the implementation steps with consortium members.

The Solution

To meet the challenge, the consortium used a Digital Launch Event designed to inform, inspire and engage project participants. Activities throughout the one-day event included Speed Badging, which involved members circulating from table to table to learn about the programs offered by consortium members; presentations about the ABout Students digital badging journey and learning about the digital badging platform.

Attendees had the opportunity to experience the benefits of earning a "mock" badge so they could better understand what students would experience when they earned their badges. Another activity dove into the use of digital badges. The event concluded with time for members to plan how implementation would be most effective within their organizations.


Participants at the Digital Launch Event became familiar with the project and had an opportunity to experience the digital badging environment with their colleagues. The event provided information and an overall understanding of the project and gave participants a general understanding of the technology. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and develop plans for implementation.

The Data

As a result of the Digital Launch Event, members have taken the next steps toward implementation. Some members have begun issuing badges, while others are preparing to do so in 2017-18. During a recent Fall Retreat Regional Professional Development Day, faculty and staff were again provided additional professional development on digital badging and its applications. With ongoing support and updates, the ABout Students Regional Consortium leads the way to digital badging for adult students.

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