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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Amy Emrany, State Center Adult Education Consortium

Mining the data: Consortium hires specialist to help with data collection

The Challenge

Members of the State Center Adult Education Consortium are spread across a wide geographical area, with 10 of its 14 adult schools serving small, rural communities. Six of the adult schools already collected data as required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act , but the other eight, and the community colleges, did not. They were new to CASAS testing and to collecting the required AEBG data. Limited staffing at the smaller, rural adult schools made data collection a challenge. Likewise, without dedicated staff, gathering the required information proved difficult for member community colleges, too.

The Solution

To address the challenge, the consortium created the position of full-time roving data and accountability specialist whose job it is to travel to the rural schools and the community colleges to collect the required information. This person assists school staff with collecting the required AEBG data, administering CASAS tests, entering data into TOPSPro Enterprise, running AEBG reports, working with ASAP student attendance system and TE to transfer data and assisting school personnel with ASAP, TE and Community Pro. The consortium provides testing materials and helps set up online CASAS testing at various sites.


The data and testing support that the specialist provides has had an impact. More accurate student data are being reported through TOPSpro Enterprise, and there now is CASAS testing at small and rural sites where there was none before.

The Data

Since April 2017, the consortium’s data and accountability specialist has worked hand-in-hand with more than a dozen members administering the CASAS test, collecting student data, training staff and spends the majority of the workday at various sites within the consortium. Before the CASAS mandate, only 6 of 14 adult schools administered the CASAS test. The community colleges did not administer CASAS either. Now, all members are testing students with CASAS and reporting data and scores via TE.

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