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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: adele turner-mcclain, VVCAERC

Victor Valley consortium hires counselor to assist transition to postsecondary

The Challenge

Students in our region need more than a high school diploma and citizenship in order to attain gainful employment. Students needed help in applying to the community college system and for financial aid, and in the workforce development department.

The Solution

An adult education community college counselor was hired by this rural consortium to provide supportive services to the K-12 adult school sites. The counselor certificated and classified staff of the local K-12 adult school, and members of the workforce worked together to create a transitional education plan for each student, as well as a workforce referral to our local one-stop job center.

The counselor also provides college, financial aid and workforce application assistance for students at the K-12 campuses and the college, as well as workshops providing information to assist students with transitioning to the local community college system.


K-12 adult student enrollment has increased at our local community college. The number of students from the K-12 adult schools transitioning to workforce Caljobs has increased. Partner agencies such as America’s Jobs Center, Transitional Assistance Office and parent centers are now aware of the services available to our shared clients.

The counselor, Victor Valley College and the consortium manager worked together to host the first-ever joint K-12 Adult Education Regional Graduation. This event highlighted the achievement of these adult learners using college credit to complete their high school units. The college also hosted an Adult Education Night to highlight the new application for AB540 students and scholarships for textbooks.

The Data

Our Topspro-generated Data Integrity Reports from 2016 to present have shown increased enrollment and retention of students in the K-12 adult programs in our area.

An increased number of students with college identification numbers has been recorded in ASAP by local K-12 schools. An official workforce and community college match has yet to be generated.

Supporting Information

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