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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Bethany Ely, Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium

AEP Outcomes Resources Customized for One Consortium

The Challenge

The Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium found inconsistent reporting of student outcomes across the consortium and needed to find a way to address the issue.

The Solution

To address the issue, an AEP outcomes reference sheet was developed specifically for CAERC members. The document lists only the "update record" options that apply to CAERC members.

The reference sheet lists each of the AEP outcomes, along with the possible update record selections by program area. Detailed instructions for completing update records also were developed for each program area. The instructions list possible update record items, criteria for marking each item and the AEP outcome each item triggers.

To confirm whether correct update record items have been selected, CAERC members run the AEP summary and drill down to the outcomes monitor for each program area and outcome. Incorrectly marked update record items are corrected for each student.


As a result of using the outcomes reference sheet, CAERC has seen more accurate outcomes data in TE.

The Data

CAERC has seen improved accuracy of outcomes data on the AEP summary for each member.

Supporting Information

AEP Outcomes Reference Sheet for CAERC members available in MS Word

Detailed instructions for completing Update Records by Program Area available in MS Word

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