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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Rachelle Modena, Shasta Tehama Trinity Adult Education Consortium

A Community of Practice for more accurate data

The Challenge

The Shasta Tehama Trinity Adult Education Consortium utilizes TOPSpro and other platforms to collect and report on student data. Adult learners have complex lives, and it can be a challenge to accurately and consistently report and enter demographic and services information across the region.

The Solution

The solution to this challenge was building in dedicated time at quarterly meetings of adult education practitioners to focus on data. This data and accountability community of practice allows practitioners to share their most challenging data-entry questions with one another. A consensus solution is then developed to solve each challenge. This practice allows for consistency across the consortium for capturing those unique situations. The community of practice is also a great place for new practitioners to get expert advice from peers and significantly increases data collection knowledge amount the new teachers.


Data is collected and entered in a more consistent and accurate manner. New adult education practitioners are able to get support from seasoned teachers who are experts in adult education reporting systems.

The Data

Data entered into reporting systems is more accurate and is able to highlight the hard work of our adult education students and the staff members who support them.

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