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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Sherri Watkins, State Center Adult Education Consortium

Data and Accountability Specialist Helps to Fine-Tune Regional Results

The Challenge

State Center Adult Education Consortium serves 20 members within its large geographical region. Six out of 14 of the adult schools already collected data as required by the WIOA funding that they receive, however, the remaining eight members were new to CASAS and TOPsPro Enterprise for reporting. The smaller adult schools were also challenged with not having a designated person to help with the testing and data collection. There were a total of 8 data managers working at 8 different schools that were working independently and isolated. We needed to resolve this and come together.

The Solution

A full-time Data and Accountability Specialist (DAS) was hired to travel to smaller schools to assist with data collection and testing. The DAS also enters data into TopsPro Enterprise, runs reports, assists with ASAP (student attendance system) and has become a regional resource for all of our members. In addition, a Data & Accountability Workgroup was created and led by the Regional Coordinator and DAS, where data managers from the 6 WIOA schools and 2 non-WIOA schools who had their own data managers, would come together quarterly to review CAEP policies, resolve issues, discuss best practices, and compare their own school data against state averages provided by CASAS. A Data Resource Binder was also created and distributed.


Because of the success of the Data & Accountability Specialist and the Data & Accountability Workgroup meetings, the group has become a tight-knit, proactive group focused on collecting and reporting top-notch data, improving current practices, and keeping all members informed and in communication. Because of the DAS and the workgroup, our regional data is extremely accurate. A consultant from CASAS also attends the meetings to assist with WIOA requirements and is also a resource for CASAS testing questions. The DAS is always accessible to members and assists all member on a regular basis.

The Data

Because of the regular Data and Accountability Workgroup meetings and the diligence and attention of the Data and Accountability Specialist and Regional Coordinator, SCAEC’s reported data has improved tremendously. The proof is in the comparison of consortium reported data to the state averages and also the individual data points from all of the school’s Data Integrity Reports. All schools are meeting or performing better than the state averages in all areas.

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