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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Ute Maschke, Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD

From data collection to effective action: student-centered services

The Challenge

ERAE found that traditional enrollment and intake processes did not provide accurate or complete “enough” insights into students’ strengths and expectations, and thus did not lead to consistent, equitable support and/or personalized training and learning opportunities.

The Solution

Transition specialists developed an intake form, based on data already in ASAP. The form serves as a baseline for collaboration with students throughout and after their participation in adult education programs. It allows students to consider more than “barriers” and opens a “thinking & talking space” for student engagement from the onset. Pairing ASAP data and insight gained through intake conversations, we are (A) able to translate data into goals and action plans documented in a student-owned transition map. With the introduction of a student retention system, we are (B) able to aggregate data points into a system that automates the identification of cohorts, risks, and interventions needs, and provides us with needed communication tools.


Our refined, data-driven onboarding processes enable advisors, transition specialists and teachers to deliver proactive, targeted intervention efforts based on individual student data. Establishing necessary protocols for data export/import across different platform has improved data collection and accuracy of data; it has helped us better understand the challenges we face when striving for system integration. In collaboration with NuroRetention, we have developed a unique management system that is not built on the assumption that educational and training pathways are linear and that weigh predictions of success or risk need to be based on grades, but addresses key benchmarks and milestones of importance for our adult students' success.

The Data

The consortium now has more complete/accurate student demographic data as reported on the CAEP data integrity report and more granular TopsPro reports. During this first full year of implementation, as a result of using intake forms and transition maps, our rate of students transitioning to college or employment has increased by 13 percent.

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