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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Christine Hess, Solano Adult Education Consortium

Work Group for CASAS Data & CommunityPro Systems Data Integration

The Challenge

Initially, the adult schools needed to get on board with uniform reporting, intake, and collection of student data using CASAS data. Since CASAS data cannot be integrated with consortium partners or community partners, Solano County decided to purchase CommunityPro Systems to better serve student needs and outcomes. The countywide implementation of a new system on top of another system required an adaptation of staff capacity and training and designing a system and network to onboard current and future organizations using CommunityPro.

The Solution

The data and accountability work group included data coordinators, some administrators, intake staff, and sometimes teachers and counselors. Some of our schools were adept at collecting and reporting data for CAEP due to WIOA practices. New, smaller schools needed to learn the nuts and bolts of data collection and reporting.
The consortium manager ran the work group, but the work group themes were decided by the needs of the data coordinators and staff. The consortium manager and one administrator also attended the monthly CAERC data work group to get a broader view of the member needs and state mandates. Members attended data webinars and activities, which they shared out at meetings. Data manuals were also created for each school.


From the trust and sharing of knowledge instilled by the work group, members are better able to report accurate data, develop more efficient intake and update systems, and communicate the importance of data to staff and administrators. Members know each other well and use each other for technical assistance. They work together to overcome challenges and are constantly restructuring internal systems that serve student persistence and outcomes. Administrators are better informed by data coordinators on the nuts and bolts of accountability. Because of the success of the adult education data and accountability work group, Solano is expanding the work group to include community partners as it implements CommunityPro Systems in the entire county.

The Data

Qualitatively, members are more competent and confident in keeping up with the demands of data reporting, know all of the available technical assistance opportunities, and have consortium leadership buy-in to the importance of data reporting.
Quantitatively, members have improved enrollment, student persistence and outcomes for CASAS reporting.

The work group success is easily expanded and duplicated to implement CommunityPro Systems countywide, support coordinated case management, and use human centered design strategies to improve student and job seeker success.

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