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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Mitch Rosin, BACAE

Data and Curriculum Alignment

The Challenge

Until the Data & Accountability funds were allocated, each Member District used their own assessments, data management system, and curriculum.

The Solution

BACAE purchased CASAS, TOPSpro, computers, and common curriculum to align assessment and instruction across all Member Districts. The goal was to create cohesive instructional and assessment platforms which would result in increased performance outcomes, data driven instruction, and program cohesion.


All Member Districts are now aligned for assessment, data collection, data reporting, and data-driven instruction. Consortium-wide professional development is now consistent across all Member Districts.

The Data

Ongoing Work Groups regularly review DIR reports, performance reporting on formative curriculum assessments, and use data from both curricula and CASAS tests to inform program design and instructional methodologies.

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