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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Denise Cabanilla, Imperial County Office of Education

Tooling Up: Data Collection, Data Integrity and Training

The Challenge

The members of the Imperial County Adult Education Consortium identified gaps in the manner in which data was being collected. Due to the sweeping of adult education funding, not all adult education schools were equipped with the appropriate data collection programs and/or up to date training on utilizing programs.

The Solution

In an effort to address this gap, the consortium chose to focus resources to "tool up" all adult education programs to ensure all had appropriate tools and training. The goal was to ensure consistency and integrity in reporting across all consortium members. All members received the necessary tools, technology and high-quality training to ensure accessibility to systems to monitor data and assess students appropriately. To ensure ongoing support, opportunities for networking and collaboration were provided to staff responsible for collection and input of data.


As a result, all adult education members have the appropriate tools and training to assess students and submit/monitor data for attendance, persistence and needs.

The Data

The outcome of this process has ensured that all adult education schools in Imperial County have the necessary tools and training to ensure appropriate data collection. As a result, the focus on data continues to be a priority for the ICAEC. As a result, at the annual Imperial County Adult Education Summit, staff responsible for data input attend and participate in all day sessions and receive support/workshops for professional learning.

Imperial County Adult Education Summit

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