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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Francisco Suarez, Rio Hondo College

Consortium members meet to embrace data and accountability

The Challenge

Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) required RHRAEC agencies to implement processes and procedures to collect data and set goals based on the adult student populations they served. RHRAEC members and community partners met to identify the needs and challenges in data collection given that agencies utilize various technological systems for this process. This created a unique challenge for the consortium to ultimately collect the data required by the AEBG guidelines. In order to develop procedures, it was of great importance that agencies’ administrators, faculty and staff be given a uniform message on the significance of D&A and the purpose it serves to strengthen service delivery for students and enhance performance outcomes.

The Solution

To initiate the process, RHRAEC held monthly meetings to discuss best practices on developing Data & Accountability. This guided the consortium to plan its annual conference with a mind set of D&A as the central topic. During one of the monthly meetings, staff who directly report D&A information, gathered to develop intentional workshops for the conference. As a result, three workshops were developed for the annual consortium-wide conference. EMRAS data specialists and administrators led the efforts in presenting the workshops. Administrators, faculty, and staff rotated in all three workshops to receive uniform information to promote and support the D&A efforts at each agency. Total number of participants was 170.


Due to the great response to the D & A workshops, they were established as a practice for the RHRAEC conferences. This has allowed for administration, faculty and staff to share ideas and strategies to continue enhancing the D&A collection process. In addition, quarterly meetings to review and discuss data are now scheduled on the RHRAEC’s annual calendar. Furthermore, to ensure the information continues to be disseminated uniformly administrators, faculty, and staff participate in “Alike” meetings held quarterly. RHRAEC is proud of the milestones reached on the D&A procedures. Members will continue to collaborate as a team to enhance D&A practices and to achieve the goals and objectives set forth CAEP.

The Data

Surveys were distributed to the attendees to provide feedback and facilitate suggestions on the subject matter at the conference. Overall, 97% of the participants rated the conference as “excellent.” Participants concurred on the importance of hearing the same message, understanding the consortium's purpose and expressed their sense of belonging to the institution they serve as well as the consortium. The consortium efforts for D & A procedures has facilitated the development of the 3 years with a mind set of data driven outcomes.

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