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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Jennifer Macarthy, Butte-Glenn Adult Education Consortium

Regional Reporting and Data Expert

The Challenge

Operating adult education in smaller, rural communities often times means administrators are pulled in many different directions, requiring them to be experts in many different fields. Various members of the Butte-Glenn Regional Consortium were finding it challenging to stay up-to-date with reporting requirements and data requirements, and data gathering.

The Solution

One of the consortium members hired an individual who had worked toward becoming a subject-matter expert on student and program reporting. The member organization agreed to hire out the individual to the rest of the consortium in order to help provide assistance, training, and feedback. The consortium agreed to utilize a portion of the Data and Accountability funds for this shared resource. Through an allocation agreement, Butte College transferred the necessary funds to pay for the assistance to the Oroville Unified School District, the organization housing the expert. The individual assisted with one-on-one training, trouble shooting, and report preparation throughout the Butte-Glenn region related to student/program reporting.


The shared resource was able to provide multiple levels of assistance to the consortium members. When members had questions or issues, the individual was available for phone calls and/or site visits. While expert assistance would be necessary normally, more recently the consortium members have been faced with changes in staff responsible for both program oversight and development, as well as the devastating camp fire. This individual was able to assist with training of new staff, and assistance during employee absences due to the camp fire.

The Data

All required student and program reporting was done in a timely and accurate manner.

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