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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Eric Vereyken, Sierra Joint Consortium (59)

Respond to short-term data reporting needs required by AB 104

The Challenge

Not all adult school members of the Sierra Joint Consortium (SJC) had student management systems. This prevented uniform data collection and analysis, which resulted in barriers to making data driven decisions.

The Solution

The data and accountability funds enabled consortium members to purchase and/or upgrade their student information systems so that all adult school members were able to use the same platforms. This uniformity supported the data sharing efforts of consortium members to bolster performance accountability and program evaluation. Funds were also used to train staff to access, organize, and report data. Staff also attended CASAS training to learn how to analyze TOPSpro Enterprise reports.


The Sierra Joint Consortium is able to gather, assess, compare and report student data across the region in a consistent manner and in compliance with CAEP requirements.

The CASAS training and enhanced data integration has improved teaching practices, enabled the monitoring of student progress and provided accountability information for learners, teachers and administrators.

The Data

Consortium members learned new methods for data interpretation related to adult learning in the classroom.

All member districts are now following a data-driven instructional model, thus allowing us to provide accountability information for learners, teachers and program administrators.

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