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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Ryan Whetstone, MTSAC Regional Consortium for Adult Education

Collaborating for Consortium Data Integrity

The Challenge

The challenge faced was to ensure our consortium met the objectives established by the state via the activities prescribed in our Data Accountability Plan. Nine institutions with different third-party student information systems were required to incorporate the CASAS system.

All members engaged to install or upgrade technology, hire and train staff, establish norms for collection, definition clarification, and learn best practices related to collection and reporting. A major underlying concern was the members’ confidence and acceptance of respective member data reported. Unforeseen challenges also included evolving versions of CASAS software, third party student information systems, and related member data staff turnover.

The Solution

The consortium hired a data systems professional, charged with addressing each of those activities, assisting members in-need, along with systematic approaches for ease of operations, interaction with CASAS and third party technicians, and monthly site visits to address and resolve application issues.


The strongest outcome was the establishment of the Data Work Group, a monthly community of practice attended by member data technicians, campus administrators and steering committee members, to review and discuss information, troubleshoot software/data reporting issues, and determine best practices. This also serves as a forum to share concerns requiring feedback from the steering committee.

The Data

The Steering Committee and Data Work Group members review consortium-wide reports monthly with confidence. Comparative information similarities in agency statistics demonstrate aligned efforts of data collection, processing, and reporting.

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