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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Wendy Miller, City College of San Francisco

Improving NC data collection and use at the college

The Challenge

Our Research Office was understaffed, and unable to provide the kind of data support we needed for planning and improvements to our adult education services. As a WIOA Title II AEFLA awardee we needed to improve our CASAS testing and reporting processes, and build up our ability to collect, mine, and analyze our MIS student data.

The Solution

Our solution was to fund two full-time research analysts for the College's Office of Research and Planning, who would be dedicated to looking at data about our noncredit students. We also supported the acquisition of improved data visualization software, and professional development for faculty on how to use data for evidence-based decision-making.


Our expanded research office now provides comprehensive services to faculty and staff working on adult education. This includes assistance in developing project evaluation methods, timely and regular reports on the demographics, course-taking patterns, and success rates for noncredit students. They also create special reports and analysis of research questions for all stakeholders to support planning and decisions. It worked so well for adult ed that our SWP and SEAP colleagues funded two additional analysts. These four analysts now work as a team to support decision making and integration of college-wide efforts to improve the student experience.

The Data

Successful completion of three-year plan. Special reports on NC attendance patterns by center, overall. Improved MIS reporting.

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