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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Darla Calvet, South Orange County Regional Consortia

Our Data and Accountability Success Story and Practices

The Challenge

Tracking AEBG and CAEP students accurately to inform program improvement.

The Solution

Successfully tracking AEBG/CAEP students under the Data and Accountability Program.


For the past three years, the South Orange County Regional Consortium has been running a longitudinal, randomized sample of the California Adult Education Project (CAEP). The methodology for this cohort study has varied depending on the phase of the study. For Cohort Groups 1 and 2, the research team surveyed over 500 students each year, asking basic demographic questions. Students who volunteered were then interviewed one on one to gather more qualitative data about their activities within the CAEP Program.

During the Cohort Study Group 3, the methodology was focused on the advanced CAEP students. Instead of one-on-one surveying and interviews, the research team conducted over 36 focus groups ranging from advanced AESL, to EL Civics, to career and vocational preparation. This provided the research team with an excellent snapshot as to how the students had persisted over their three years in the program. Rich, qualitative data was gleaned from these intensified focus groups.

The Data

We have three years of quantitative and qualitative data on the AEBG/CAEP students. It is rich and informative in content. It is also reliable and valid.

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