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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Adeline Ramirez, West Kern Adult Education Network

Paper-based Testing in the Digital Age

The Challenge

Testing adult learners with low computer literacy and digital literacy skills.

The Solution

West Kern Adult Education Network (WKAEN) purchased CASAS and TOPSpro Enterprise. The consortium adopted the paper-based tests offered by CASAS. Utilizing the self-scoring sheet made it easy to implement paper-based testing.


Testing was presented to prospective students as part of the intake process. Adult learners interested in ABE and CTE programs are tested in a stress-free environment to reduce test anxiety. The Data Manager and certified staff can proctor exams to individual adult learners or groups.

The Data

The data collected is aligned to meet AEP requirements and has helped the consortium make decisions about adult education in West Kern. For example, in 2019, West Kern Adult Education applied and was granted a WIOA grant. The decision to apply for WIOA was influenced by data demonstrating a large concentration of youth 18-24 years old seeking resources at the WKAEN.

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