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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Kathleen Antokhin, College of Marin

Comprehensive Data Collection: Laying the Groundwork

The Challenge

A challenge undertaken by the consortium was a need for a regional analysis of the Marin County economy and demand-side employment profile to better understand the need for training, education, and career pathways for adult education students. We sought to understand an employment profile of our region that included an assessment of the area’s industry sectors and occupational pathways. This included an examination of relevant career pathways, job quality, and specific evaluations of key industries and vocational jobs that could be supported by our Consortium through adult education programming and strategic planning.

The Solution

To address this, the consortium invested in two comprehensive reports: a 17-18 Consortium Report produced by Tamalpais Adult School and an 18-19 comprehensive Marin County profile produced by research firm BW Research.


Two results emerged from our investments in data collection and regional analysis. First, we have two bodies of work that offer the Consortium a baseline understanding of how to leverage our CAEP funding and collective capacity for programming with our region's demographic and socio-economic trends, labor demand, and adult education gaps. Second, our critical review of the reports prioritized the importance of data and performance accountability, underscoring our commitment to collaborate within and outside our consortium for the success of the Marin county adult education population.

The Data

The proof of the outcome includes the prepared reports that allow MAEP Consortium members to respond to short-term data reporting needs as well as forecast the role of existing and potential programs in meeting regional needs. Further proof will come from our emerging practice with promise, as outlined in our consortium's CAEP Three-Year Plan: quarterly data sharing specifically intended to bolster performance accountability and program evaluation.

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