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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Steven Radford, Antelope Valley Regional Adult Ed Consortium

Tracking students through the HSE process

The Challenge

Many HSE students toil in prep classes for multiple semesters, if not multiple years, often without even attempting the exam. With very little data to work with, it was difficult for our instructors to know exactly what the students were in need of.

The Solution

We developed a system to track our students through the HSE process. This tracking allows teachers to see when a student attempts an exam, how they performed on the exam, and which exams they still need to attempt in the future. Coupled with the addition of the Aztec diagnostic HSE software, the instructors have a greater ability to give students individualized support in the areas of greatest need. Not only can they see where a student is struggling, they have a greater idea of which students need motivation simply to attempt the exam.


The majority of our data to this point is qualitative, however, our HSE instructors are reporting a greater understanding of each students individual needs. They now know when students are, or are not, attempting the exams, and how they are scoring on those exams. This has allowed them an opportunity to have in-depth conversations with students that were not taking place before.

The Data

The proof will be in students passing the HSE exams at a greater rate. Last year we had 40 students pass all areas of the HSE to earn a certificate, but we also had 345 students pass portions of the exam. We feel this is important, because it shows that a large number of students are on track to reach their goal. We currently do not have data from previous years to compare, but we will continue to monitor this in the future so staff will be able to see year after year increases or declines.

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