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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Elizabeth O'Shea-West, Education to Career Network of North San Diego Cou

Incorporating Digital Badging for Successful Transition

The Challenge

The challenge was to help students take charge of their own educational journeys, let them identify and set goals and then provide a platform for them to track and manage their accomplishments. Students are already issued paper certificates but moving the process online and making it more interactive was a priority. This would require an interest from the students and a certain base level of digital literacy, as well as strategic training and messaging on an administrative level to get staff on board. Pathways and common metrics needed to be developed across agencies, the consortium and beyond.

The Solution

We introduced a Digital Badging platform for students to claim, collect and share their earned badges, based on the pathways they identified. The badges are manifestations of the student’s hard work and competencies and can be shared with peers, schools and employers. Taking this into a digital realm also engages students with technology and encourages them to explore creating a professional online presence. A support team was assembled to coordinate on deliverables with the vendor, train instructors and assist students in the classroom during training.


Students in the ESL program now earn badges, based on pre- and post-test scores from CASAS and can complete the ESL pathway. They have learned to navigate and utilize the badging system and have the ability to set new goals and pathways. ABE and ASE badges are ready to go and CTE badges are in development. A larger rollout of the badging system is planned for the current school year.

The Data

The badging system has reporting functions that allow administrators to easily view earned badges and corresponding time stamps of when they were issued. Reporting functions are available for each consortium agency. As the badging initiative grows, the software has the capability to issue badges and certificates, providing a comprehensive data warehousing solution for all certificates and competencies students have mastered.

Supporting Information

English as a Second Language Badging Pathway - Posters

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