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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Eric Pomeroy, North Central Adult Education Consortium

Improving Transitions Between Service Providers and Programs

The Challenge

NCAEC is located in a rural region that encompasses nearly 300 square miles. Typically, the biggest challenge faced by clients and students is access to programs and transportation. Many clients that visit partnering service providers do not return for a follow-up appointments and consequently go under-served or unserved. Similarly, student retention and transitions in ESL programs is a struggle due to numerous barriers.

The Solution

Our solution was a multi-pronged effort. First PLC's were formed throughout the consortium. A navigator PLC was developed between the five navigators in our consortium to create a better support and referral system for clients and students. Navigators meet and review data monthly to discuss and develop strategies to improve student retention. To assist with the referrals and data tracking, our consortium implemented Community Pro Suites (CPS). CPS allowed us to connect and refer directly to and between service providers. Data PLC's were also formed to identify thematic trends such as high enrollment periods, drops, attendance, use of online programs outside the classroom, test scores, completion rates, and program alignment.


The above inquisitions and strategies resulted in increased enrollment, retention, and test scores in our ESL programs. Burlington English was instituted throughout our consortium which has improved student engagement, test scores and persistence. The work of the navigator PLC and implementation of CPS has also improved the follow-up rate, enrollment, and number of services provided to clients.throughout the consortium.

The Data

CASAS test scores; TOPS data; Increase in number of programs; Increase in number of services

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