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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Heather  Maloy, San Joaquin Delta College

Adult Education Leadership Network and Data and Accountability Team suppor

The Challenge

The Delta Sierra Adult Education Alliance is comprised of five Adult Schools, one Community College and two County Offices of Education. During the five years of the Adult Education Program there has been a high amount of administrator turnover at member agencies.

Most administrators also have program responsibilities beyond Adult Education. The CAEP data collection and reporting requirements were time consuming and always evolving. Administrators needed a forum to discuss these program requirements and support each other in shifting from a compliance mindset to using data as a tool for improved program design.  

The Solution

The consortium hosts monthly Adult Education Leadership network meetings and quarterly Data Team meetings with program administrators and their staff as needed to review data reports and discuss data collection requirements, expectations and issues as needed. 


Regular meetings among administrators and their data staff have supported a shift in attitude from data reporting as a compliance exercise to data reporting and a key insight into program review and potential improvement strategies. Data technicians across the consortium have developed supportive working relationships and reach out to each other directly to discuss and address data issues that arise. 

The Data

* Improved initial student data collection and improved data quality 
* Increased data on student barriers to employment 
* Increased insights on program participant demographics and student persistence that inform program design discussions

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