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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Marina Washburn, Allan Hancock College

Starting from Scratch

The Challenge

The Community Education noncredit programs at Allan Hancock College did not have the staffing infrastructure necessary to handle data collection, data accountability, nor the expertise to collect accurately and consistently the data required to be fully compliant with state-mandated guidelines. Given the local requirement to use CCCApply for all students at the time of registration, student demographic data is captured; however, pre- and post-testing was extremely limited.

The Solution

Community Education (CE) had to rethink and revamp their student data collection process. CE purchased CASAS, TopsPro, and technical equipment, provided professional development for staff and faculty, worked closely with noncredit instructors as well as new program assistant hires to develop data collection protocols. These program assistants were trained to be test administrators and data collectors, once protocols were put in place to be fully compliant with state, mandated data, and accountability requirements. Working closely with multiple departments across the college, such as our Institutional Technology and Institutional Effectiveness Offices, data points are sourced from CCCApply, registration forms, program update forms, and CASAS


Community Education has defined processes and procedures to support the implementation of assessment, data collection, data reporting, and data-driven programming. There is an increased awareness of the need to collect data within the noncredit faculty, staff, and students. In partnership with multiple Allan Hancock departments, data collection tools are evaluated and modified to address requirements as needed to ensure data is collected and entered more consistently and accurately. Data collection implementation has taken a slow start, still aiming for a higher percentage of pre- and post-test pairs in the coming year.

The Data

The current protocol specifies data that is collected in separate systems and varied means. All data points are imported to Banner and then uploaded to MIS. Given AB705 impact on noncredit programs, additional data points and coding projects are in the works to better identify the CAEP student profile in MIS.

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