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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Nancy Miller, Santa Rosa Junior College

Combining Entry Record with Registration Process

The Challenge

SRJC was using the Entry/Update Record scantron forms from CASAS to collect student information in non-credit CTE classes. This was difficult as the form was available only in English, and about 80% of the students in our program are Spanish speakers. Staff spent much time going over the form with students and describing each data feature, in order to scan the students’ information into TE.

We created a paper form that had all the Entry/Update information, but in a simpler format in English and Spanish that was easier for students to understand and for staff to collect the information. However, we were still spending too much time in class having students complete the form and then transferring information to an Excel spreadsheet for TE.

The Solution

We use 123Contact forms to register students for our classes using registration links on our website and Facebook page. Students can also call and register over the phone with the assistance of an Outreach Specialist. We combined the sections/questions from the Entry Record form to the registration links, so that every time a student registers for a class they fill out the entry record form electronically.

This expedites the student registration process, as we can check student status, pre-fill forms, and work 1:1 with students to get them registered. The 123Contact forms also export in Excel format for easier upload into the TopsPro Enterprise system and provide charts and graphs that are helpful tools for showing demographic data.


By having the entry record electronically we only have to copy and paste the information from an Excel spreadsheet to another to do the third party import. We added formulas to our spreadsheet that automatically convert the answers that the students submit into the accepted codes. This new process has saved us a lot of time in data entry.

The Data

Sample registration links to view how the registration/student entry record form works

Supporting Information


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