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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Jon Knolle, Monterey Peninsula College

Needs assessment/survey of non-enrolled community members

The Challenge

The Monterey Peninsula Adult Education Consortium needed to strengthen its approach to gathering data regarding community needs. In prior years community forums, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, and a brief survey yielded information necessary for planning but the consortium sought ways to increase the feedback gathered to help in short- and long-term planning.

The Solution

MPAEC contracted with a local consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive community survey that focused specifically on reaching non-enrolled community members away from the college or adult school sites. The consulting firms developed a new, comprehensive survey that addressed demographics; goals and interests; barriers, challenges, and communication; education levels and goals; employment levels and goals; and contact information for targeted follow-up.


The survey of non-enrolled community member survey provided MPAEC sites with critical information about the needs of its community and highlighted areas to focus planning. As a result, MPAEC has implemented many initiatives including (a) college counselors and outreach staff at adult school sites to facilitate transition to CC, (b) career development counseling and referral services at adult school sites, and (c) college classes offered at adult school sites.

The Data

We have observed an increase in the number of students being referred to the CC, increase in applications, and increase in counseling visits. This is the first year for college classes to be offered at the adult school sites; it is too early to know the results.

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