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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Paige Broglio, Lassen-Modoc Adult Education Consortium

Student Data Collection and Assessment Using CASAS TopsPro Enterprise

The Challenge

Collaboration among adult education instructors and new data staff for training to use CASAS Tops Pro Enterprise and etesting. Only two of the schools had previously used CASAS TE and all members working with student data and assessments needed to be trained. Technology support on sites was limited and new CASAS programs proved challenging to staff not familiar with TE required data input. Instructors at outlying sites needed time to engage in training with other school members and attend CASAS conferences and workshops.

A uniform intake form was needed for use at all sites to easily obtain student demographic data.

The instructors needed to be trained to do the pre and post assessment testing.
Update forms need more information completed

The Solution

Coordinated efforts for face-to-face site visits were introduced by consortium staff to visit classes and instructors for student data collection procedures. A CASAS representative came to Lassen College to present a full day workshop for CASAS TE and fifteen members attended to work in the computer lab on student data input. School members were sent to the CASAS conferences yearly with two attending the first year, five the second year, and eleven attending the third year. Members also attended regional CASAS workshops, and online webinars.

The consortium adopted their uniform student intake form.
The consortium hired an instructor to visit sites and train instructors with assessments and set up e-testing. Update forms were completed.


The continued attendance at the CASAS trainings have enabled all sites to complete their student data. A few small schools with limited instructors and staff still rely on the consortium staff and larger school sites are assisting smaller sites with data expertise and assistance. Updated technology equipment was purchased for sites needing to improve registration and assessment services. Ongoing site visits with the consortium data manger and assessment coordinator assist staff with individualized data instruction. New staff was encouraged to attend CASAS trainings and conferences.

The Data

All consortium staff and school instructors have learned the CASAS Tops Pro Enterprise basics input and assessment procedures. Etesting has begun at night school classes and paper based testing is still being done inside the two county jails with no internet access. Instructors are now learning new techniques to interpret student data results and assessment progress drives the curriculum in diploma and ESL classes. Seventy adult students graduated from the consortium diploma or equivalency programs last year. Schools submitting data include Big Valley, Fort Sage, Lassen College, Lassen County Office of Education, Lassen High, Long Valley Charter, Modoc County Office of Education, Modoc High, Shaffer School, Surprise Valley and Westwood.

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