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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: MaryAnn Pranke, GlendaleLEARNS

Strategic Co-Enrollment for Special Populations

The Challenge

Meeting the needs of students with multiple barriers and coordinating services to address their full needs is a challenge. Partners have different eligibility requirements and different paperwork sets that need to be completed to access services, making it challenging for students to access the services they need. This is particularly challenging for students with intellectual disabilities and English Language Learners who often do not follow through on referrals because of the complex application process to access the services.

The Solution

The strategic co-enrollment process allows students to enroll with multiple partners using a single application form and process. Using Student-Centered Design, the system was developed for the Verdugo CNC Machinist Academy for students with intellectual disabilities. Students are co-enrolled in: WIOA Title I and Title IV, Lanterman Act, SWP, CAEP, and DSPS. Partners combine non-credit with credit technical education and other services. Partners also combine paid work experience and OJT to assist students in obtaining employment. Students participating in ESL courses that need assistance in achieving career goals are co-enrolled into WIOA Title I, CAEP, SWP, and other services that will address any barriers they may have.


100% of the students in the Verdugo CNC Machinist Academy are co-enrolled with WIOA. After three Cohorts, the Academy holds an 88% success rate in employing students with intellectual disabilities. Co-enrollments for ESL students has also increased.

The Data

Information is provided by the Verdugo Workforce Development Board to confirm co-enrollments in WIOA and other partners.

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