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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Janeth Manjarrez, NOCCCD

Leveraging Technology to Scale Up Resume Building and Career Exploration

The Challenge

While adult students at North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) were gaining valuable technical skills through their CTE programs, most struggled to write resumes that effectively presented their qualifications. Many did not have a resume at all. Counselors at NOCE and Career Pathways Specialists from NOCRC would be required to spend considerable amounts of time helping just one student find the best language to describe their experience, making it impossible to deliver the necessary level of service to the large numbers of students needing assistance revising or creating a resume. Without a strong resume, students struggled to attract interest from employers, making it difficult for them to reach their employment goals.

The Solution

NOCE partnered with the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) to vet a software platform that would be effective in helping current and prospective students throughout the region explore career pathways and also provide a tool that would assist them in building an effective resume. The platform that was selected would be Emsi Career Coach and Labor Market Analytics, which included an intuitive resume builder and tools for exploring academic and career opportunities, as well as labor market analysis specific to the region. Using CAEP funding, the platform was purchased on a three-year contract, and would steadily begin to be rolled out directly to students through the new Career Resource Center staffed with Career Pathways Specialists from NOCRC, on computer hardware that would be funded through the Strong Workforce Program (SWP). After concentrated promotional efforts, students began to come to the Career Resource Center in greater numbers and use Career Coach to crea


Nearly four hundred adult students have since created a powerful, professional-looking resume in Career Coach, most of whom either did not previously have a resume, or had a resume that needed significant revision. Students have commented on the ease and intuitiveness of the Career Coach platform, and for staff, the efficiency and scale to which they have been able to assist students with resumes and employment would never have been possible without a tool such as Career Coach. As a result, more students have found it easier to attract interested employers and meet their employment goals. Many students have also utilized the career exploration tools within Career Coach to browse a wealth of information on median salaries, employment projections, skills desired by employers, and job postings to see which industries are growing where they live, and also to browse information on academic and career technical programs throughout the District that lead to employment in their area of interes

The Data

For official statistics on Career Coach profiles, email jmanjarrez@noce.edu and include careercoachteam@economicmodeling.com.

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