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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: John Russell, Citrus College Adult Education Consortium

Using Data to Drive Improvement and Meet Regional Gaps

The Challenge

Members knew that using data to identify regional gaps globally and improve instruction and membebr systems locally was critical to achieving the consortium mission. However, student performance data was siloed with member institutions and regional data was not disseminated to all stakeholder in an aggregated manner. No member could measure effectiveness against other members across state performance indicators. Confusion existed as to how the state measured CAEP outcomes. Member effectiveness was not transparent to the community.

The Solution

The CCAEC board led efforts to create the CCAEC Annual Data Review (ADR) which aggregates regional labor and demographic data along with member student data to drive consortium planning and efforts. The plan is shared with CCAEC stakeholders at the consortium conferences and members are able to see which institution is achieving better results and have initial conversations as to why. The ADR is updated annually and disseminated at conferences with highlights.


Consortium data is aggregated for easier consumption and is transparent for all stakeholders. The Annual Data Review significantly informed the Three Year Plan and led to the logic model goal of improving student persistence and performance for the entire consortium. In order to aggregate quality data, better understand CAEP Outcomes and share best practices, the consortium has created a data committee that meets monthly. This committee is also a critical component to achieve the goal of improved persistence and performance as outlined in consortium logic model. The data is driving consortium professional development to improve instructions and systems modifications to increase persistence.

The Data

2018-19 Annual Data Review can be found at the below link.

Supporting Information

Webpage where download of 2018-19 Annual Data Review is available

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