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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Ka'Ryn Holder-Jackson, ACCEL of San Mateo County

ACCEL Consortia and Community Partners Working Together for Student Success

The Challenge

The ACCEL San Mateo County Consortium had no regional system in place for the sharing of student data between its member adult schools and community colleges. The consortium needed a data system that would allow its members to quickly and efficiently increase communication and collaboration between consortia members, local workforce board, government and community- based and non-profit organizations. The data system functionality needed to provide the ability to track and provide reports such as student assessment scores, education/career/transition goals, referrals between member adult schools, community colleges, workforce board, government, community-based organizations, non-profits, and community partners.

The Solution

The ACCEL consortium Executive Director and Co-Director and participated in a number of Data and Accountability meetings conducted by the Bay Region Consortia. The Bay Region surveyed the collective needs of the members, researched a number of data systems, and presented their findings. The research and findings were shared with the ACCEL consortium. Community Pro, a data system that highly recommended was selected as the data system that could potentially address the needs of ACCEL. Presentations by Literacy Pro staff were conducted to the ACCEL consortium. In November 2018, the ACCEL Consortium decided to purchase Community Pro. On January 24, 2019 Community Pro was established and configured for the ACCEL consortia.


On January 25, 2019, the ACCEL Consortia launched Community Pro; an in-person onsite training session was conducted for the consortia. Community Pro provides a number of tools for reporting, analysis and presentation. Community Pro is customizable; each ACCEL school and college has a dashboard featuring location and contact information, transition staff, as well as course catalogs, service offerings, assessment scores, referrals and more. ACCEL has invited NOVA Job Works (local workforce board, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and Upward Scholars to join our Community Pro platform. A number of referrals are received and shared by our organizations. Community Pro is updated nightly and provides ACCEL with the most updated information.

The Data

Presently, there are 13,549 total students in our Community Pro data system; 199 referrals have been conducted. The breakdown of referrals: Canada College: 24 to Sequoia Adult School, 2 to San Mateo Adult School. College of San Mateo: 3 to San Mateo Adult School, 1 to Canada College. San Mateo Adult School: 18 to College of San Mateo, 5 Skyline College, 2 Canada College, 12 to San Mateo Adult School (HSD). Sequoia Adult School: 118 to Canada College, 5 to San Mateo Adult School, 5 to Sequoia Adult School (HSE). ACCEL has scheduled a consortium wide refresh and training session (including community partners) in October 2019 to further configure data reporting and develop best practices for most effective use of the data system.

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