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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Annabelle Rodriguez, Greater Opportunities through Adult Learning -GOAL

Community Pro: Data System Integration

The Challenge

Through working leadership meetings and dialog among GOAL consortium members, it was apparent that data systems across the consortium are not consistent. In preparing our 3 year Plan, a specific focus and request was made when analyzing regional needs and data. The plan revealed that there were gaps in how service was provided and captured among our member systems. Data systems across GOAL members were not aligned to ensure quality data, analysis and decision-making or understanding, and acknowledgement of program needs across the region. We needed a robust and dynamic data systems to ensure quality data and accountability in tracking student progress, transitions, and decision making in our consortium.

The Solution

Utilizing tools such as Community Pro to close gaps of service and create a safety net for students.
With the adoption of CASAS by all members including the community college we begin to work towards program alignment and seamless transitions. Having a case management and referral data system to capture the unique needs of students, connect them with community resources, and share CASAS scores from the adult school will support a smoother transition from students from the adult school to the college without having to retest students.


We expect that an established system to continuously review data and the regional impact will bolster performance and accountability. These new systems will facilitate the aligning of the data collection across the consortium. As a result, consortium members will have an aligned data system that will allow agencies to have a better understanding of gaps in data collection. Additionally, data quality and procedures will be developed and implemented.

Adoption of Community Pro is helping to drive improved data among and engagement with consortia members data systems. This promises to improve collaboration, tracking outcomes, evaluation, and decision

The Data

We are piloting Community Pro this semester. Data to come....

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