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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Jessica Wilder, New Haven Adult School

Data Collaboration

The Challenge

The Data & Accountability funds made it possible for all of the adult schools in our consortium to upgrade their student information & data management system so that we shared a common system. With this new system, came the challenges of training staff in an especially short period of time.

The Solution

After investigating alternative resources, the adult schools collaboratively chose to upgrade/purchase ASAP V3 which is a web-based system. This is important because it allows us to access information wherever we are meeting. And, although we have not yet used it, ASAP v3 comes with the ability for us to be able to access each other’s data – share information. The challenge of training was mitigated by our ability to collaborate and to create and use original short instructional videos to train on specific items.


All adult schools were able to collaboratively and smoothly transition to a new data management system. Members are able to access their data from meeting sites.

The Data

The SACC leadership and workgroups are now able to access the same reports to share information with each other. Our new goal is to now create a formal method for collecting and sharing this data on a regular and consistent basis.

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