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Practices with Promise Success Story

Submitted By: Thatcher Weldon, Kern Adult Education Consortium

Student Data Tracking Procedures

The Challenge

In California's largest geographical consortium, we currently have 13 K-12 district and County Office of Education Partners, 3 Community Colleges, and 1 Community College District Office. We also range in size from one of the largest Adult Education Schools in the state to Adult Schools in rural areas that are run by 1 - 2 staff and faculty. This presented a huge challenge in the way that data was collected and used.

The Solution

Based off of what the state and CASAS were focusing on in terms of student data in webinars, we put together student data tables that tracked on going numbers and percentages on how each member and the consortium was doing throughout the year. We also put together Standard Operating Procedures for student intake and reporting, so that all members would be on the same page when tracking student data.


We have a renewed focus on student data in our consortium. All members are currently following reporting guidelines from the state and CASAS in terms of student data. We are becoming uniform in our practices as a consortium, and we have seen increases in our reporting in terms of outcomes. We will continue to work on reporting student outcomes and updating our student data.

The Data

Our student outcomes and many %'s have improved this past year as a consortium. Many members have improved overall student numbers, gains, and outcomes.

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