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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Bill Bettencourt, Placer School for Adults
Consortium: Sierra Joint Consortium

Meet Ilza

Program Area(s): Career Technical Education , Workforce Re-entry

The Challenge

Since 2011 and the economic downturn, I have twice faced the problem of trying to gain stable employment. I was a single, full-time stay-at-home parent for many years struggling just to make ends meet. Tighter finances during tough times has impacted my family’s way of life. Trying to reenter the workplace again was difficult when I was lacking current relevant experience and knowledge. While thumbing through a similar Placer School for Adults catalog, I came across the course called Business Office Professional and decided to engage in the creative learning atmosphere.

The Solution

My time spent in the computer and office skills course was very productive, and I was able to greatly expand my knowledge and skill set. This program has been the most comprehensive reemployment program that I have attended. Not only was the course content relevant and taught by a very experienced instructor, but it was also a very supportive environment where people seemed to really care. It included guest speakers who are true professionals in their fields and graciously offered their help. Following completion of the course, I felt capable of entering the job market and also felt I had an edge on the other new employees.


The Business Office Professional course was intriguing, empowering, and changed my perspective in a way that allowed me to secure a position in a new career. During an interview, I mentioned the classes I was taking and the interviewers were instantly impressed. I truly believe that these classes were the key to succeeding at my interview which brought me an offer of employment.