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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Bill Bettencourt, Placer School for Adults
Consortium: Sierra Joint Consortium

Meet Herlinda

Program Area(s): Career Technical Education , Workforce Re-entry

The Challenge

I first decided to take a computer course because I was turned down for a potential job opportunity. I did not have adequate experience with computers and this was a critical factor. At first I was disappointed, but then I saw the opportunity to challenge myself and get into a training program to build these skills and gain confidence.

The Solution

I picked up the Placer Adult School catalog but was not sure which computer class to take. When I walked into the office, I met a friendly staff member who was very helpful. When I briefly described my situation, she suggested the “Business Office Professional” course. She said that this course was going to cover the basics for an office job. I attended the class orientation and made my decision to take the course. I enrolled for the course before I could change my mind.


I am so glad that I enrolled. I have learned so much about how to manage the basics of the computer, and I have gained more confidence for my next adventure. My training and confidence will take me from a ‘fast food’ job into a new career in an office setting. Before taking the course I was really insecure and not sure what I could accomplish. One of the most important aspects to my confidence and new-found skills was the teacher. His unique way of teaching really kept me on my toes and he really got the class involved and interacting. This interaction with others in the class was the key to helping me understand and learn. Last, but not least, all the guest speakers in this course helped me prepare for the job search.