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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Bill Bettencourt, Placer School for Adults
Consortium: Sierra Joint Consortium

Meet Vicki

Program Area(s): Career Technical Education , Workforce Re-entry

The Challenge

Eight weeks before I enrolled in the "Business Office Professional" course, I was pretty close to believing my obstacles were getting the best of me. There was no other solution, I felt it was time to sit down and accept my fate, for whatever reason, life turned against me.

The Solution

I was inspired after reading the Principal’s Message printed in the Fall 2015 Placer School for Adults catalog. The message was clear, if I truly wanted to improve my life, education was the key. I enrolled as a student at Placer School for Adults for several reasons, and attending Placer School for Adults gave me something to strive for.


My instructor could see right through me and guided me to land on my feet. I was given tools and training needed to make necessary changes in my life. Guest speakers shared their personal struggles and offered small, specific, attainable goals that will help lead me to a better destination. I received a certificate of completion in Business Office Professional Certification through Placer School for Adults, presented it for an interview the day after graduation and was hired! I’ve learned that no matter how difficult or impossible the situation, our actions give us freedom!