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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Cherish Padro, Better.Jobs
Consortium: Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Adult Education Consortium

Meet Fabiola

Program Area(s): Adult Basic & Secondary Education

The Challenge

Getting an education in Mexico, where Fabiola is from, isn't easy, she says: "In Mexico, it is hard to go to school. You have to pay to go to school, and if you are poor, you just can't do it. The adult school offers me a better life, a better education and a chance to get a good job."

The Solution

So, set on seeking out a better life for herself, Fabiola turned to the Corning Adult School, which is free for any adult who wants to earn their high school diploma. The school offers daily classes and now evening classes, on Tuesdays, to accommodate students who can't attend school during the day.

Students who show interest and determination are given the opportunity to take advantage of these classes. Support is given on all levels to help students start and complete their educational goals.


Many Corning students, like Fabiola, have waited a long time to become a high school graduate and have worked hard to get there. As graduates, they have the foundational skills needed to find a job or continue their education by enrolling in community college.

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