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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Sherri Watkins, State Center Adult Education Consortium
Consortium: State Center Adult Education Consortium

Meet Amber

Program Area(s): Adult Basic & Secondary Education, Other

The Challenge

Amber De La Maire grew up in foster care. She never really thought she would have the opportunity to be where she is today. Amber said she "slacked off" during high school and simply didn't care about school at all. She struggles with depression and anxiety and feels these conditions contributed to her attitude about learning.

The Solution

Amber realized she couldn't live with feeling sorry for herself and decided to return to school, enrolling at Yosemite Adult School, to complete her high school diploma. She was able to use the resources available to her and worked with the teachers there to achieve her goal. She now is a high school graduate!


Upon receiving her high school diploma, Amber worked with our transitions specialist and enrolled at Oakhurst Community College Center. She has continued to pursue her college education and has almost completed her first year. Amber "tries to not overdo it," taking it one day at a time. She loves her school and has made many new friends who are on the same journey. Amber is pursing a degree in social work and plans to give back to those who may struggle the way she did.