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Student Success Story

Submitted By: Sherri Watkins, State Center Adult Education Consortium
Consortium: State Center Adult Education Consortium

Meet Nayeli

Program Area(s): Adult Basic & Secondary Education, Career Technical Education

The Challenge

Nayeli became pregnant at the age of 17 and dropped out of high school. At that time, she didn’t realize the importance of education and how it would impact her future. For many years, she let her fears and insecurities get the best of her, which became the barrier between her education and her future. Fed up with her way of thinking, she set out to prove herself wrong and learned that she was not all of the things that she once believed. She soon started to ask herself “If anyone could accomplish their dreams, then why couldn’t I?” She wanted her daughter and family to be proud of her and her accomplishments, but knew deep down that in order to do that, she had to start with changing herself first.

The Solution

She began setting small goals and eventually one of those goals was to complete her high school diploma at Selma Adult School. It was there that a new journey would begin and she found her interest in the medical field. While completing her diploma, Nayeli met with one of our Transitions Specialists, who told her about the CNA program that was offered at Selma Adult School.

She learned that the CNA license was a requirement for the LVN program and a good introduction into the medical field. Once she started the program, she knew it was the right choice, as well as the correct path. Nayeli states “when I received my license, I was very proud of myself, because I knew this was just the beginning.”


Nayeli faced many obstacles but continued to read the following quote so she would not give up. “A person’s willpower is like water, nothing can stop it, it will pass through mountains, it will fall like waterfalls, but it always gets to the place it’s supposed to get”- Andoni Luis Aduriz.

Instead of giving up, she feels her challenges fueled her to succeed where she never thought possible. She credits the support she received from her teacher, the SCAEC Transitions Specialist and the Workforce as her motivation and encouragement to be where she is today. With a scholarship from the Workforce Board, she will begin an LVN program in the fall. Nayeli says she is forever humbled and grateful.